Sunday, September 29, 2013

Maasin City’s track oval and WAP's chosen wrestling coaches (an insight into Philippine sports at the grassroots)

Its surface is (still) barren earth; not yet tartan. And, according to an athletics official, the circumference of Maasin City’s outdoor track is only 390 meters long, 10 meters short of the international standard of 400 meters.

Still, the Philippines Sports Commission (PSC) “chose” it as the venue for the track and field events of the Visayas leg of the 2013 Batang Pinoy (Filipino Youth) games, for athletes 15 years old and below. (A no-brainer, really: Maasin City being this year’s host of the regional leg of the multi-sports event, we can be certain that it has no other track oval in its territory.)

(A young athlete racing on Maasin City's track oval inside the Tomas Oppus Pilot School. Photo from Batang Pinoy (Philippine Sports Commission Grassroots Program) Facebook page.)

Still, youthful dreams were, are, and will be born and made upon the soil of the track oval of the beautifully laid-back seaside city in Southern Leyte, Southern Philippines. Still, young and budding Filipino runners learned valuable lessons in sports on that incomplete track oval.

Besides, it’s not as if international-standard track ovals are sprouting like mushrooms all over our "still-developing" country…

But Maasin City’s track oval serves its purpose, and with the support of her sports-loving mayor Maloney Samaco (a former sports columnist himself for the Southern Leyte Times), we can expect it to be upgraded to international standard soon.

Likewise, the chosen coaches of the Wrestling Association of the Philippines (WAP) – some club wrestling coaches, some former wrestlers, some MMA fighters and instructors, and some PE teachers – are doing their best in promoting and teaching the basics of the sport to young Filipinos in their respective areas of responsibility. And they will get better, amid criticisms from some malicious quarters.

And, just like members of most (if not all) organizations, most deliver, while some do not. But the fact that most are productive is a testament to WAP’s wisdom in its choices. And, let it not be lost here that, after WAP recommended and submitted their credentials to the PSC, the latter’s board decided to support them with monthly allowance.

We have to start somewhere, and we are getting there: from a small town or city in a Third World country, towards an Olympic village in the future.

The Maasin City track oval serves its purpose, through rain or shine -- and so do our wrestling coaches in our forsaken land.

PSC Board Resolution No. 549-2012

PSC Board Resolution No. 668(A)-2012

PSC Board Resolution No. 275-2013

Now, about the young talents discovered in the annual Batang Pinoy, assuming they grow up to be the senior national champions in their events and make it to the national teams of their sport, will they be given the chance to represent the country in international events like the Southeast Asian Games, at the very least? Well, I believe this topic deserves another article…

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Me in the news (for the nth time), now re wrestling's staying in the Olympics

From The Manila Times' WAP HAILS WRESTLING'S TRIUMPH (September 10, 2013):

“We believe we have a great shot at winning a medal—hopefully, gold—in the 2020 and 2024 Olympics,” said WAP Secretary General Karlo Sevilla. “The international wrestling community, led by the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA) and our president Nenad Lalovic, united in showing passion, determination and innovation in the campaign to keep our sport in the Olympics – right until the FILA panel’s presentation to convince the IOC GA membership of our case immediately before the vote, resulting to our majority win.”
The WAP also hailed the move to include wrestling in the 2014 Palarong Pambansa initially as demonstration (based on “Republic Act 10588) as one of the sports to be contested among high school students in the annual national youth games.”
“This is especially encouraging as our wrestling is all set to make its debut in the 2014 Palarong Pambansa. Definitely, the talents we’ll discover in the coming games of the Palarong Pambansa of DepEd and Batang Pinoy of the Philippine Olympic Committee-Philippine Sports Commission (POC-PSC) will enjoy sufficient time, years, to mature as potential Olympic qualifiers and winners, come the third decade of this century,” added Sevilla.
Wrestling is one of the 10 priority sports of the PSC citing its impressive showing in its previous international tournaments including the 2011 Southeast Asian Games in Indonesia. The national wrestlers won two gold, three silver and three bronze medals.
“Add to this wrestling’s status as among PSC’s 10 priority sports for the second straight year, receiving significantly more support than other sports, and we can’t help feeling confident in achieving our Olympic objectives.
“WAP looks forward to enjoying with DepEd what we have with the POC and PSC: an efficient and harmonious working relationship in promoting sports among the youth, and developing future Pinoy Olympic champions,” Sevilla concluded.
From  Philippine Daily Inquirer's WAP hails IOC’s ‘reinstatement’ of wrestling (September 11, 2013):

Wrestling Association of the Philippines (WAP) secretary general Karlo Sevilla yesterday hailed the move of the International Olympic Committee to reinstate wrestling in the Summer Games, calling the move a positive development for the country.

All for the love of wrestling!

 To keep updated on Philippine wrestling development, check out regularly our Wrestling Association of the Philippines official Facebook page here. (And please "like" it, too! Thanks!)

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The 2013 Batang Pinoy - Wrestling Official Results

Now with the results of the Mindanao and Visayas legs, of the 2013 Batang Pinoy multi-sports event, an annual project of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), Department of Education (DepEd) and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) for Filipino youths 15 years old and below.

Antique, hotbed of the traditional wrestling form called "dumog" of Western Visayas, dominated the Visayas leg of the 2013 Batang Pinoy - as expected. Held at the Tagnipa Gym of Maasin City, Southern Leyte on September 26, the Antique wrestlers who hail from their province's towns of Belison and Antique, romped off with four gold, one silver and one bronze medals to top the teams of host Maasin City (2nd), Negros Oriental (3rd), Lapu-Lapu City (3rd) and Leyte (4th).

(Adult male dumog wrestlers of Antique go at it.)


2013 Batang Pinoy – Visayas Leg WRESTLING EVENT
September 26, 2013
Tagnipa Gym, Maasin City, Southern Leyte

29 kg Bulinggit Boys B Gold   Jun Michael Saldaña  (Leyte)
Silver     Mark Carlo Ellazar  (Maasin City)
Bronze  Romie Wacay  (Maasin City)

32 kg Bulinggit Boys B – Gold  Alexis Costillas (Maasin City)
Silver     Angelito Jejorpe (Maasin City)

42 kg Bulinggit Boys B – Gold  Jimbe Alera  (Antique)
Silver     Lee Joshua Antonio  (Lapu-Lapu City)
Bronze Jude Bryle Maraon  (Maasin City)

35 kg Schoolboys – Gold  Dioren Casiñ(Antique)
Silver  Ricky Palitoc  (Negros Oriental)

42 kg Schoolboys – Gold  Jose Tan  (Antique)
Silver  Christian Paul Mabon  (Antique)
Bronze  Jhon Dee Ramirez  (Negros Oriental)
47 kg Schoolboys – Gold  Gilbert Francisco  (Antique)
Silver  Willy Ortega  (Maasin City)

74 kg Schoolboys – Gold  Marvin Calipayan  (Lapu-Lapu City)
Silver  Dennis Calipayan  (Lapu-Lapu City)

44 kg Schoolgirls – Gold  Mary Jane Tubog  (Negros Oriental)
Silver     Cherry Anne Sanica  (Negros Oriental)
Bronze  Mary Joy Orit  (Maasin City)                       
26 kg Bulinggit Girls A – Gold  Riza Wacay  (Maasin City)                     

  2013 Batang Pinoy – Mindanao Leg WRESTLING EVENT
August 30, 2013
Gaisano Grand Mall, Tagum City
Our wrestling event of the 2013 Batang Pinoy - Mindanao Qualifying Leg held on August 30 at the Gaisano Grand Mall, Tagum City is also on The Philippine Daily Inquirer and Manila Bulletin sports pages! (For the official results, please refer here to our following post.) It is very heartening to note, and WAP is very grateful, for the presenceof the teacher-representatives of the Department of Education regional offices of regions 10 and ARMM. They observed our event in preparation for our sport's debut in the Palarong Pambansa (National Games), so they can soon teach and officiate wrestling in their respective regions.


Bulinggit Boys A (10-11 years old):

26 kg Gold – J. Boy Orilla Evangelio* ( Davao City – LGU)
Silver – Jonathan Aguilon (Davao City – LGU)

29 kg Gold – Sheldon Abad ( Davao City – LGU)

35 kg Gold – J. Bernal ( Davao City – Brgy. 29 – C)

Bulinggit Boys B (12 – 13 years old):

26 kg Gold – Alven Daguplo ( Butuan City)
Silver – Kasher Villa Carlos (Davao City – Bgry. 29 – C)

29 kg Gold – Michael Evanoso ( Davao City – Brgy. 29 – C )

32 kg Gold – Kenneth Papa ( Tagum City, Bgry. Mankilam)
Silver – Allan Cris Alisoso ( Davao City – LGU)

35 kg Gold – Arvin Daguplo ( Butuan City)

38 kg Gold – James Roy Evangelio (Davao City – LGU)

42 kg Gold – Ezra Abao ( Davao City – LGU)

Schoolboys ( 14 – 15 years old):

38 kg Gold – Kyle Gaite ( Davao City – LGU)

42 kg Gold – Ryan Ang ( Davao City – LGU)
Silver – Jhon Lloyd Gudin ( Davao City – Brgy. Panakan)

53 kg Gold – Christian Badiang ( Davao City – LGU)
Silver – Adrei Tequin ( Davao City – LGU)
Bronze – Chino Sy Tancontian (Davao City – LGU)

59 kg Gold – Clay Posadas ( Davao City – Brgy. 29 – C)

66 kg Gold – James Ryan ( Davao City – LGU)
Silver – Donald Glenn Occena ( Davao City – Brgy. 29 – C)

72 kg Gold – Benz Binoya ( Davao City – LGU)
Silver – Dave Nistal ( Davao City – Brgy. Panakan)
Bronze – Rolan Jambora ( Butuan City)

Bulinggit Girls B ( 12 – 13 years old):

40 kg Gold – Jhanen Mae Marcos ( Davao City – LGU)

44 kg Gold – Mighty Cutler ( Davao City – LGU)

48 kg Gold – Stepanie Calamba ( Davao City – LGU)
Silver – Marrion Billena ( Davao City – LGU)

Schoolgirls ( 14 – 15 years old):

40kg Gold – Leah Tuble ( Davao City – LGU)

52 kg Gold – Charisse Aseneta ( Davao City – LGU)
Silver – Justien Jay Pagnanawon ( Davao City – Brgy. Panakan)

57 kg Gold – Crislene Bontigao ( Davao City – LGU)

62 kg Gold – Sydney Sy Tancontian Davao City – LGU)
Silver – Rizza Mae Bontigao ( Davao City – LGU)

Get ready, wrestlers for the Visayas (Sept.) and Luzon qualifying legs -- all young wrestlers who qualify make it to the National Championship in Zamboanga City in November!

Philippine wrestling is soaring higher, so...KEEP WRESTLING IN THE OLYMPICS!

*For misspellings of names, please bring them to our attention immediately.

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