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Results of February 23, 2013 Scholastic Takedown Wrestling Challenge!

(The New Era University Wrestling Team, photo courtesy of its Coach and Wrestling Association of the Philippines Vice President Peter Lawrence Meimban)

The team champions: New Era University topped the youth division, and Fitness Quest Gym owned the senior division. And special mention goes to Davao City Wrestling Team for winning 3 gold and 1 silver medals in its very first wrestling competition!

Bulinggit Girls (ages 10-13)

28-30kg Rogelyn Limoran (Taytay) – Gold
               Rusel Albarico (TAY) – Silver
37kg       Abigail Valeña (Quezon City) – Gold
               Jessica Bobis (QC) – Silver
44kg       April Joy Samadio (QC) – Gold
               Roselyn Escala (QC) – Silver
               Kiana Santos (QC) – Bronze

Schoolgirls (ages 14-15)

48kg       Angelica Macalos (QC) – Gold
               Dani Palanca (Mandaluyong City) – Silver

Cadets Girls (ages 16-17)

36-38kg  Geselle Lauyon (QC) – Gold
                Fae Faller (New Era University) – Silver
43kg       (Novice)
                Maria Avonny Cabreros (TAY) – Gold
                Jomarie Angelica Rafael (Yawyan Kampilan-Las Piñas) – Silver
43kg       (Intermediate-Advance)
                Maria Avonny Cabreros (TAY) - Gold
                Heidi Mae Piñon (QC) – Silver
                Jomarie Angelica Rafael (YKLP) – Bronze
60kg       Nikkita Suarez (NEU) – Gold
               Lovely Joy Martinez (QC) – Silver
               Henessy Sarmiento (NEU) – Bronze

Seniors Women (ages 18+)

50 kg      Lady Vanessa Paler (FQG) – Gold
               April Joy Samadio (QC) – Silver
55kg       Carol Pajaron (MAN) – Gold
               Lovely Joy Martinez – Silver

Bulinggit Boys A (ages 10-11)

29-32kg Rexor Albarico (TAY) – Gold
               Jordan Bautista (NEU) – Silver
               Jaspher Bautista (NEU) – Bronze
               James Rico Delos Reyes (Marikina) – Bronze

Bulinggit Boys B (ages 12-13)

29-32kg Russel Victoria (MAR) – Gold
              Jhon Frazer Ladimora (MAR) – Silver
38-42kg Manolito Arabit (MAR) – Gold
               Ricky Caragos (Bulacan) – Silver
               Robert Caragos (BUL) – Bronze
53-59kg Clay Posadas (Davao City) – Gold
               Ryan Tercias (NEU) – Silver

Schoolboys (14-15)

42kg       Jigo Mata (NEU) – Gold
               Brainard Quizon (NEU) – Silver
47kg       Rolph Bautista (NEU) – Gold
               Jethro Sarmiento (NEU) – Silver
               Gerald Monterola (MAN) – Bronze
53kg       Angelo Resonada (NEU) – Gold
               Abet Frilles (NEU) – Silver
               Mark Joseph Engalan (MAN) – Bronze

Cadets (16-17)

39-46kg   Michael Elardo (QC) – Gold
                Ronald Dela Cruz (BUL) – Silver
54 kg      James Paulo Rallos (YK) – Gold
               Norman Tubog (Negros Oriental) – Silver
               Roi Bellen (NEU) – Bronze
69kg       Marco Adriano (NEU) – Gold
               Vince Palanca (MAN) – Silver
               Emshavi Balingit (BUL) – Bronze
85-100kg Lloyd Anthony Abucayan (DVC) - Gold
                Gan Joshua Maluntag (NEU) – Silver
                Vince Palanca (MAN) – Bronze

(Fitness Quest Gym wrestling club, photo courtesy of Coach Ali Heydarabadi)

Seniors Men (ages 18+)

55kg       Sabrin Guingona, Jr. (QC) – Gold
               Jimmy Nalimutan (QC) – Silver
               Carlos Pimentel (Fitness Quest Gym) – Bronze
60kg       Stephen John Lim (Dungeon) – Gold
               Arens Tan Rañola (S.R.A.W.L.) – Silver
               Jay Asiddao (MAN) – Bronze
66kg (Novice)
                Jerome Eusebio (YK) – Gold
                Francis Rafael Pacayra (FQG) - Silver
66kg (Intermediate-Advance)
                Jose Roldan Cartajena (General Santos City) – Gold
                Rey Tanduyan (YKLP) – Silver
                Ram Morales (GSC) – Bronze
                Geronie Jandog (Cebu) – Bronze
70kg       Aldwin Anthony Recede (FQG) – Gold
               Jem Samala (Muscle Max-MMA) – Silver
               Angelo Chung (YKLP) – Bronze
76kg (Novice)
                John Ryan Pamintuan (FQG) – Gold
                Jonas Ferriol (FQG) – Silver
                RS Sibal (YKLP) – Bronze
76kg (Intermediate-Advance)
                Ehsan Mousarei (FQG) – Gold
                Jonas Ferriol (FQG) – Silver
                John Ryan Pamintuan (FQG) – Bronze
                Maxwell Francisco (TAY) – Bronze
80kg       Jason Bandosa (FQG) – Gold
               Jason Uy (YKLP) – Silver
90kg       Christian George Senarillos (S.P.R.A.W.L.-M.A.D.) - Gold
               Gabrile De Guia (NEU) - Silver

(Davao Wrestling Club-Python's Pit with SCOOP Davao, during press conference with its two gold-medal winners, photo from Coach Abelardo Posadas)

96kg (Novice)
                Lloyd Anthony Abucayan (DVC) – Gold
                Dennis Camcam (MMA) – Silver
96kg (Intermediate-Advance)
                Navid Gheribi (Independent) – Gold
                Lloyd Anthony Abucayan (DVC) – Silver
                Dennis Camcam (MMA) – Bronze

Special Match (Men’s Absolute)

Peter Lawrence Meimban (NEU) – Gold
Ehsan Mousarei (FQG) – Silver

("Save Olympic Wrestling" video clip, courtesy of Joy Gildore of Muscle Max-MMA)

Team Championship-Youth

New Era University Wrestling Club – Champion
Quezon City Wrestling team – 2nd Place
Mandaluyong City Wrestling Team – 3rd Place

Team Championship-Seniors

Fitness Quest Gym – Champion
Quezon City Wrestling Team – 2nd Place
Mandaluyong City Wrestling Team – 3rd Place

The 2.23.13 Scholastic Takedown Wrestling Challenge of the Wrestling Association of the Philippines (WAP) was held at its home venue, the National Wrestling Gym at Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Manila. Next date of our monthly STWC is on this 30th of March, same venue. However, it will be exclusively—againfor seniors, as we rather have our wrestlers 10-20 years old focus on our 2013 National Youth Wrestling Championship (NYWC) which will be held in Manila (exact venue to be announced) from April 12-14, 2013. The coming NYWC will serve as qualifier for the PHL Youth Wrestling Team for The 6th Southeast Asian Junior (ages 18-20) and Cadet (16-17) Wrestling Championship to be held at Suphanburi, Thailand from May 1-5, 2013. Gold and silver medalists qualify.

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