Sunday, July 14, 2013

On hedgehogs and mortality

Finally got a partner for Hog our female hedgehog, about two months after Hedge died. (Naming pets is easy, when you choose to make it simple.)

So they'll mate and Hog will have babies again, whom she'll immediately eat after giving birth to them...unless we're fast enough. Month after month a litter of dead bloody spiky newborns litter their cage's wood shavings bedding. Sometimes, without a trace. Or with only one little detached leg, resting neath a chip of wood.

Again, my children and I will bear witness to regular grim reminders of a universal truth, a monthly affirmation of an a priori knowledge: All mammals are mortal. 

And some of us even get eaten right after birth.

(And, you guessed it right, we named our Hog's new partner "Hedge 2.")

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