Monday, December 8, 2014

A Sonnet for Sasha Luss

So blind are they who say Russians don't smile;
I pity them who have not seen your face.
The glow of your smile lights the world for miles,
Goddess dwelling among the human race.

Your eyes exude an inviting sadness,
Two pieces of ice that can pierce a soul.
Who wouldn't embrace you with pure sweetness?
Who wouldn't cover you like a warm shawl?

But you are standing tall at five foot ten,
While I barely reach five foot and seven.
You're a fragile beauty of cold Moscow;
I'm from the tropics on my carabao.

       Your name, like a sigh when spoken, Sasha...
       And our distance as cold as Siberia!

(Photo of boy on carabao from

(Note: After completing the MOOC "ARPO222x: The Art of Poetry, a course of study offered by BUx, an online learning initiative of Boston University through edX" under former US poet laureate Robert Pinsky, I've decided to make this December my Sonnet Month. Next January will be my Villanelle Month.)

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