Friday, November 14, 2014

We were sandwiched between two miscarriages

Hello. I am Little Jackie Paper. I am seven years old...Sometime ago, 
we watched the movie Maleficent. We watched the movie sandwiched 
between mommy and father, my younger sister and I.

It was fun. But we also have our story, my younger sister and I:

We were sandwiched between two miscarriages.

The first one, who would have been our eldest, gone in a month, 
a day after mommy and father became too playful one afternoon. 
Then, after four years, the one who would have been our youngest, 
lasted only two months in mommy's tummy. 
(Anyway, mommy and father already have a hard time 
raising the two who made it: my younger sister and I.)

And we almost did not make it, too. 

They say our doctors did a very good job with mommy's slippery tummy. 
(Lucky we, maybe, my younger sister and I.)

Father has a family. He has a wife. They have two young boys like me, 

the eldest eight years old. They also have a baby girl, younger than my sister. 
They are three and we are two.

They say we both look like father, and mommy loves us very much. 

(And he, sometimes, maybe, too, for my younger sister and I.)

*  *  *

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