Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alaxan barangay basketball courts can also be used for Olympic combat sports

If government and private agencies will construct walls and roofs to enclose the barangay basketball courts that Alaxan FR, in partnership with Philippine basketball legends, have built (and is building), then these can be used for other sportsespecially those in the combat category.

From the Philippine Star Sports article Legends, Alaxan linkup to build barangay courts by Nelson Beltran:

…the basketball courts Alaxan FR have given away have become more than just sports venues, also used for official barangay functions, community events and social gatherings.

Alaxan FR’s “Court of Inspiration Galing Mo” campaign, aside from further boosting basketball’s grassroots program, can also help those of the Olympic combat sports of boxing, judo, taekwondo and wrestling.

These courts, on the side, can host trainings and competitions of the aforementioned sports where we Pinoys can excel, where height advantage is a less significant factor compared to basketball.

Ideally, there will be other sponsors to enable the construction of walls and roofs for these basketball courts, to transform them into multi-sports venues that can store and protect equipment, and ensure more the safety of the players using them.

Then, it is up to the respective National Sports Associations of each of these sports—in cooperation with the local government units (LGUs) and other sectorsto provide the trainers, training and competition equipment, programs and the promotional campaigns with the “Courts of Inspiration” as venues.

Thanks, Alaxan FR, for this commendable contribution to Philippine sports' grassroots development!

The following are championship videos of the Olympic combat sports from the 2012 London Olympic Games:

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