Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Most Humble and Honest Affirmative Response in the English Language

"I do as I can," light as afternoon sunlight.
What you see is what you get, and we'll cruise if you get me right, 
with my take it or leave it proposition. 

Verbal ammo as convenient and portable 
as an MP3 player. Ask me any question
regarding my competencies, and I'll shoot,
"I do as I can," in the blink of an eye.

(Fastest draw in the West am I, 
kinda Wyatt Earp but with humbler principles.)

Should've answered them in my job interview correctly,
when asked, "What can you contribute to the company?"
with, "I do as I can." (And they would not have fired me.)

"Never mind the results; it's my efforts that matter, as 
I do as I can -- honestly."

(Thirty minutes ago, I improved my vocabulary:
Learned when I researched and Googled earnestly,
that tiramisu is not another Japanese dish with raw fish,
but a coffee-flavored dessert from Italy.)

I don't guarantee success, but the efforts required to get there. 
Been throwing paper airplanes at the moon,
with the most constant and determined attitude,
resulting in varying degrees of altitude

because, "I do as I can."

(In retrospect, I should've answered 
all the minister's questions with these magic -- 
and more truthful -- words. Lower everyone's expectations, 
and the fall would not have been that hard nor bad -- for all.)

Many lonely nights I've spent in introspect,
asking myself if I've tried my hardest;
probing myself, while the whole world sleeps, 
"Have I really done my darndest?"

Countless sleepless nights have I
dug and plumbed the deepest depths of my heart,
asking it for an honest answer.

And every single time, my heart duets with my soul,
and they sing automatically to me and the universe
without a single ounce of remorse,

"I do as I can."

*  *  *
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