Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Re Our Cancelled Holy Week Trip to My Mom's Home Province of Albay

Dang, so we're not pushing through with our Albay trip tonight, as it would be difficult on the road as the approaching !@#$% storm is intensifying...Anyway, during lunch earlier, upon confirmation that our trip is cancelled, talk meandered to (ahem) ancestral pride. My mother, Nilda Lagman-Sevilla, told about my maternal great-great-grandfather, a peninsulares from Spain, with the surname Diaz, who, despite being a full-blooded Spaniard, refused to speak Spanish in his Kapampangan household out of loyalty to our land; and even became a Katipunero during the 19th century Philippine Revolution against the Spanish occupation; who came down all the way from Pampanga to Luneta upon learning of the then-imminent execution of Gomburza and Jose Rizal, respectively, to witness their martyrdom; who with his comrades during the revolution disguised themselves as kakanin street hawkers and hid their weapons under the food in their bilaos; who, when stopped by the Guardia Civil upon a checkpoint, pulled out a bolo and hacked the guard to death; who, I believe, if alive today, will tell us to, "Push through with your Albay trip; that !@#$% storm is just another stupid checkpoint!"
Sigh, I really wanna go to the beach along Bacacay, and wash my sins, in faithful observance of Holy Week. Well, here's hoping and praying for zero casualty under the mercy of another storm... 

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